General terms and conditions


When filling in the form or by sending a request by e-mail the student asks agency Amstelona Internships to look for a suitable work experience place in the Netherlands for him/her.

The student is due to pay an agency fee of € 495,– (incl. VAT) to Amstelona Internships when a work experience contract has been drafted for a suitable place for his/her practical assignment that meets the criteria given by the student.

The agency fee is split in two parts. The student pays € 100,– at registration as a deposit and pays the rest, € 395,– (incl VAT) after an order has been placed with Amstelona Internships to find a suitable placement. The first part of the fee will not be refunded.

The student is aware that internships in the Netherland are generally non-paid. A compensation is not automatically expected.

The student will suit his/her time of arrival in the Netherlands to / in accordance with Amstelona Internships. This in view of the picking up at the airport and the transport to the accommodation. If the students books a flight without consulting Amstelona Internships, the student takes the risk of not being picked up at the airport upon arrival.

If Amstelona Internships fails to find a suitable placement company, the student is not obliged to pay the second part of the agency fee. If the placement Amstelona Internships offers turns out not to be suitable, the student will receive one other offer.

If the placement company withdraws after signing the contract for reasons that are not due to the student, Amstelona Internships will offer another work experience placement if possible. If this is not possible, the second part of the agency fee will be refunded to the student.

If the student withdraws after signing the contract, there will be no refunding of the agency fee.

In case of breach of contract with the placement company because of malfunction of the student, there will be no possibility of refunding of the agency fee.

The student is not allowed to pass on our companies / contacts/ work experience locations / contact data to third parties, or to place or publish them in work databases or on the web in any way. If this should happen anyway, then an extra bill will be sent.

I declare that Amstelona Internships cannot be held responsible for injury, death, damage or loss of any kind, that can be suffered during the stay arranged by Amstelona Internships.