Welcome on this site. Amstelona Traineeships helps you to find a work experience place in the Netherlands.

Would you like to do your internship in Amsterdam, but you don’t know how to go about it? Would you like to be able to speak with someone in you own language while you are doing your work experience in the Netherlands? Would you like (extra) Dutch or English lessons while you are here?


My name is Aletta Blaisse. I have lived in Barcelona for a couple of years where I taught English and Dutch at secondary schools, language institutes and in-company. During my time in this beautiful city I made a lot of contacts, e.g. with the Dutch community, several language institutes and Spanisch companies. Once back in the Netherlands, I decided I wanted to do something with those contacts.

There are quite a few organisations who cater for students who wish to go to Spain for a while. But for Spanish students who wish to study or do their traineeship or work experience over here, there wasn’t so much available. So I decided to do just that: to start an agency for students in Barcelona who wish to study temporarily or do their work experience in the Netherlands. Hence Amstelona Traineeships.

Living abroad is a great for your personal development and enhances your worldview. It gives you an advantage later when you’re looking for a job. And of course it looks good on your CV. As I know what’s it’s like being on your own in another country, I can support you very well during your study period or traineeship period here.

I don’t have to do everything mentioned here. If you like, and in consultation, I can do parts of it. You decide what you would like to arrange yourself. And Amstelona Traineeships does the rest.

More information? Please don’t hesitate to contact me.